TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')

What am I doiing wrong, I keep getting this error

var ipAdres = '';
var portNumber = '5005';
var radioPrefix = 'http://' + ipAdres + ':' + portNumber + '/woonkamer/favorite/';
var playListPrefix = 'http://'+ ipAdres + ':'+ portNumber + '/woonkamer/spotify/now/spotify:user:spotify:playlist:';
console.log('playListPrefix is: '+playListPrefix.length)

var radio = global.get('radio')
console.log('radio is: '+radio)
var playListId =global.get('playListId',playListId)
console.log('playListId is: '+playListId)
var playListName =global.get('playListName')
console.log('playListName is: '+playListName)

var tmpRadio = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0];

var count = 0
while(count <= radio.length )
if (radio[count].includes(''))
tmpRadio.splice(count,1,radio[count].substring(((playListPrefix.length - 1)),radio[count].length - 1));


You’re using includes here:


The error says that undefined doesn’t have any properties (when it tries to access the property includes), so the conclusion is that radio[count] is undefined.

When i run console.log(radio[0] it replies: - HD
So radio[0] exists, count = 0, so radio[count] must be the same?

It’s interesting that radio[0] contains a full string since global.get() returns a string and therefore radio[0] should only be the first character of that string.

The problem is likely the off-by-one counter in your loop (it should be count < radio.length).

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Ah what a stupid mistake. Thx. global. get(‘ radio’) gets an array. Every index is a string. Therefore radio[0] is a full string, as is radio[1] etc

Oh apologies for the confusion, I misread the documentation for global.get() and though it would always return a string :sweat_smile: But good to hear the problem is solved :+1:t2: