Two owners (eigenaar) in Family

Help! For some reason I created two owners in the Family-section

I want to delete ‘JB’ as a family member but that is not possible because ‘JB’ is a owner [cannot_delete_owner]

It is possible to select another ROLE (something that is not OWNER but manager, user or guest) but it does not change.

Chancing the ownership to other user does not work either.
I deleted the ‘JB’-account already. It doesn’t exist anymore. But doesn’t help either.

So, how to get rid of two owners???
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to this community,
WOW! thats strange, that shouldn’t have happened,
this is something the community probably can’t fix and Athom should be aware of,
Please report this to Athom support,


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Check. I will address them.

I can not help you with an answer unfortunately but this seems a fully legit question to the community here…

I don’t think it is, it seems like either a backend issue or an issue with Homey’s core, both of which are not accessible/debuggable to the community.

Probably true, but that doesn’t make the question less legit here in my opinion.

We are here to help each other and I can imagine that a user thinks changing a role is some setting he simply oversees. Or that a user that has had the same problem or knows a workaround, can help.

It’s the guy’s first question here after all… Didn’t we all struggle a bit in the beginning?

Perhaps you’re interpreting @Dijker’s comment differently than I do :slight_smile:

Perhaps… :slight_smile:

Indeed I thought it was a (simple) setting and hoped someone had a similar experience and knew a work around.
But I learned where to adres my problem and that is one step towards and solution!
I contacted support@athom and the support staff is reviewing the problem.


Imo it isn’t as it is normally not possible to configure and you can’t change it back. It is a bug Athom should be aware of and fix for this user.
Once they know Athom can fix firmware and or mobile app to prevent this from occurring again.

So I am not asking how it happend. Most users don’t know anyway and not trying to let @Wlt3r test all things for what I already know that Athom validates and blocks in API s as this is an invalid state and shouldn’t have happened anyway.

That would have been a waste of time for both of us.

FYI I was one of the first with an Homey, am member of the alpha testers program and have reported a number of issues like this that I Tested, described an reported to Athom to get bug fixes and validated that these kind of bugs where really fixed (or not yet)

Thanks anyway I will try to make my msg more clear.

You did the right thing, with contacting athom.

Because there can only be 1 owner, so something is not ok… and like @dijker stated its probably a bug you found.

From the athom support site.

Roles & Permissions There are four roles a user can have: owner, manager, user or guest. 
Only one user can be owner of Homey at the same time.
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I never doubted your good intentions, @Dijker! Not here and not in your other posts here in the community! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to point out that such a question here should be legit (=“legitiem”; reasonable, allowed)
in Dutch). Perhaps it all comes down to the meaning of the word then. :wink:
The edit of your first post makes it all more clear.

Keep up the great work here, as always highly appreciated!

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