How can I change the name of a family member

I added a new user w/ the role guest and generic FN and LN. Now, I changed FN and LN to the real name in the profile of this new user but I still get FN and LN if I’m logged in as Owner. The list of Family members shows FN and LN. How can I change this to the real name?

Help appreciated. Thank you

Good Q. Athom doesn’t provide info for this (as far as I could find)

Is this okay or not okay?

About the name changed account:
What if you logout that user and then log on again?
Does it reflect the new FN & LN when logged on as the user with the changed names?
Restart Homey maybe?

tried this several times in vain. Maybe I change the profile pic and this triggers a refresh. I can only imagine this is a cache issue… but who knows

Bummer… it indeed looks like a cache issue.
Not how you’d like it, but what if you create a new account and delete the altered one?
Do you have to modify a lot of flows then?
And you could send an ask to Athom, I’m curious what they’ll come up with.

Yes, I created a ticket and pointed to here. And, I do have the “guest” in a lot of flows … here’s hope this can be sorted out

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Cool! I’m curious, b/c changing usernames is not very uncommon.
In real life f.i. Kids with a new partner, or you yourself an other partner. It happens, and H. can last longer than some relationships?

Support told me this can’t be done. Let’s hope for a fix. This is for sure a shortcoming. I need to change a lot of Cards in my Flows now.

That’s a bummer. They probably never thought of possible changing home members…
How about:
They should “invent” a “user swap” function; f.i. you create a new account B, and you want to replace account A with account B.
Push a button and all your flows have user B instead of user A in one go.