Guests can edit flows?

I invited guests to my homey. Surprise, surprise, contrary to what is explained on screen, guests can edit, delete flows, change variables… every I can do they can…
This is a bug, right? Any plans to change the way that works or fix it? Thanks

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Wat version / model Homey?
Where did you try ? Mobile App or WebApp?

What was the Role of user you invited?
# Adding, managing & removing user accounts on Homey

Was it a Guest or Manager or Resident?

Thanks for your message.
I invited a “Guest” as a Guest from the mobile app, and I am the Owner.
I checked the rights from the linked page prior to inviting the guest. For the flows, the guest role is “view and manage” and not “view and start”.
It’s a Homey Pro early 2023 v10.2.0 with App v7.6.1.1408.

Sorry but I don’t see that…
And also tested it in Webapp / Mobile App, it is what I expect.

ok, my Homey Pro (Early 2023) is already on Version 10.3.0-rc.4
and my Mobile App is v8.0 beta on Android for the Owner and Android v7.5.3 for the Guest…
Where do you see that Guests can Manage? or Edit / Delete Flows or Change Variables??

(Can’t imagine that it was only wrong in that version you have )

Good morning,
Sorry about the confusion, I meant : the role should give « view and start » rights and what I see for flows is « view and manage ».
I created the user as shown on the screen copies. User accepted the invite and is listed as a guest as shown here :

And yet this user can edit flows and save them :

User can do anything they want to the flows including « save » but saving does not actually save anything. The flows stay untouched.


Guests can edit flows?

so Yes they Can edit but effectively not as they cant Save them…

If you want you can report it to Athom here: Support | Homey
but I guess they have more important things to fix,
maybe in next Mobile App update …