Can we restrict what users / guest can see and do in a Homey installation?

I understand that Homey allows owner(s), manager(s), user(s) and guest(s) to access to the Homey installation.

Where a Owner has full access to everything, guest is the lowest user permission level.

I would like to know if, by configuration, I can restrict devices and flows that a particular Guest user can see and use.

Example : I have 4 daughters, each of them will have a guest profile configured on their own smartphone.
I would like to setup Homey so each of my daugther can only access to devices of their respective room and to excecute flows related to their room.

Can I configure this ?

thanks for your help


Nope. The ‘roles’ are very limited. Maybe in the future.


No problem, and sorry for the dissapointment :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to have this kind of restrictions.

Now I’m just using some KAKU remotes that our boys can use to control their devices in their room.

hope that this will be adressed soon

You can make different users for each and install HomeyDash for each and put the devices they need, in the Favorite Apps (search the forum for HomeyDash for solutions)

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Sure it is possible that way, I can also use IFTTT and let it do some authorisation. But that is not the point. The point is that the current user options on the Homey are very limited. It would not be that hard to implement more user restrictions or options to let a flow check which user is logged on.

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I would also like better ability to give acess to specific devices in homey and possibly flows. Ideally i would be able to grant access to specific zones, giving access to the devices and flows associaten to that zone. Added a feature request.

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Is there a plan to build restriction for users/devices?
It would be very nice feature. Im a bit dissapointed that the function not exist today. I rent out my basement and dont want the guests to get access to the rest of the house…


I would love to have this!

It’s a while since last post, but I am also waiting for options to restrics access to devices.

For instance an option at the settings for each device ‘guest access yes/no’

Keep hoping for this……

I need this too.
Without this Homey is only a game, not a system what I can sell as a SmartHome Installer.

Agreed, the current User Permissions management is useless.
Write to Athom guys, this is just a user forum

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Agree, This is a must have.

There should be roles with memberships and permissions. I now it’s a lot of work to design en develop but without it, anyone can do anything. Even a guest user.

I sure miss this possibillity
I would like to get my kids possibility to use some flows and see some units and maybee controll some units,
I dont want to give them access to all my homey, it would be a dissaster

Grab you chance I’d say: