Different access for different users

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An option that could be useful would be to be able to give access to the Homey on certain time of the day and certain day to different users.
An example: I would like my cleaning lady to be able to open my house front door only on the day she is cleaning my home. I would be able to decide on which day and timeframe she can use the app to open my house light the rooms, etc.

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Good idea, I had already posted a request on support.athom.com for something comparable:
In the v2 app you will also be able to change flows.

I requested authorisation levels for users so I will be able to deny my kids access to the “flows” tab.
Dont want them to mess up my flows.

But it would be even more fancy if we could control access per zone.
So you could give acces to the cleaning lady to certain controls. (Timing you suggested could also be captured by the “and” column in the flows. )
I already have a virtual device “cleaning” that changes the way the flows behave when that is on.
You could use it to limit the flows to give access…

This same question was one of my first posts. User rights, per device authorization

I don know if there is feature request on which we can give +1 or like similar requests are handled. If yes we definitely should create new feature request and give it our +1.

Hi David, I have asked Homey support team about it and they told me that this functionality will be available soon. However I have no clue what soon means and if they actually gonna do it.

Would love to give you my +1 so the developer get cracking on it.

I am also looking forward to this feature.

Would be an awesome addition!

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Any news on this? It’s an essential acceptance factor for family adoption, and one of the many things missing from homey for readiness and a proper mainstream replacement for Fibaro or other consumer-ready home automation
I was surprised it wasn’t part of homey 2

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I would also like to have this feature. I really don’t understand how it could not be a default feature in 2.0. It’s like giving everyone access to the web app earlier… really hope the developers are looking into this!

I got a reply from Athom some time agoo (sorry forgot to update it in this forum):

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Hi There,

No news so far. I do not know if you are encountering the same issue but the new app is really not working well. An example would be that most of our devices cannot be turned off as they seem to be offline, then when they are back online they just won’t turn off or on for that matter. So when seeing that the new update make Homey worst, I am worried if they implement the function of giving access, that the person may not be able to do anything with light, switch, etc.