User rights in Homey V2

Hi all,

Last week I finally updated to Homey V2. That went surprisingly well, all the apps are working just fine, and the flows still work. So far so good!

In my household, I’m the only one creating and moderating the flows. I don’t want any other user to be able to edit or add flows or make any other changes that affect others. As I noticed, there are two types of ‘family members’ in Homey V2. The administrator and user. As I am administrator, I would suspect that I’m able to choose the rights from users that I moderate. Unfortunately, I can’t choose what they can and especially, can’t.

@athom, please add a feature that the moderator can choose the rights of users.


This is a community forum. In order to make a feature request please fill out the feature request form.

There is alrady a thread about thus topic: Different access for different users

Please check for answers (also from athom) there