More Family controls

I just upgraded to Homey v2.0 and I saw that the Family controls are very minimal. I would like to be able to set for each user permissions. For example I want my girlfriend to be able to control devices, start flows and create new flows but not to be able to adjust already working flows or change the settings (which she now as a user already can’t do). But for example my kids should only be able to control devices and start flows they should not be able to create or adjust flows.

With a proper (webpage based) Homey dashboad it wouldn’t even be necessary to add my kids as a Homey user because they could do everything with the dashboard


Per user authorization and permissions was one of two things I’m chronically miss in Homey. Second is full config backup and recovery.

Backup is announced after V2.0 (I think even V2.1), permissions per user are not jet on the radar.

I miss the permissions per user also.

For now a read-only user would be already nice…

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To all, just writing on the forum isnt gonna work as this is a communty forum andathom isnt reading with us.

So al rhe requests must be reported to athom directly, and the more people do that, how more change their is… that they start thinking about to make it happen

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How to officially send a request? I never did it, same as reporting an issue over support@athom or is there something else?

Finding out how to submit a support ticket can be a bit difficult to find but this should help if you still need it.

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