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Different user priority?

Hi, I have 2 homey,s … one at home and one at my work!
I have 15 people working for me and I have connected the lock at my company to homey. Now only I can use it because of it’s limits!
I would like to be able to give different permissions to different users? As it is now everyone can change settings and make flows etc.
The thing is I’m trying to get rid of keys:-) but I can’t give everyone permission to the homey so for now ill give everyone keys (old fashioned) :frowning:

Will this be a future update to the software?

That would make a big change for me and probably a lot of others users…

Best regards/Joel

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Did you make a request/ did you asked it to athom directly? just asking here, wont work as this is a communty forum and athom isnt reading with us al the time.

No, where do you suggest ill send it? E mail adress? Or do they have a forum to write in directly to them?..

This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom. You can read more about this here Welcome to the forum.

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at https://support.athom.com and if you cant find an answer there then you create a new ticket here https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new.

agreed. I would also go further and say Athom should add a user management tab.
This tab would have all users profiles that have access to the system, both email (registered) and “guest” users (who dont have an email attached to the account).
users should have other fields available to them or app developers should be able to add fields to them
Fields such as NFC or Tag IDs, permission levels (eg cant access flows or setttings), Nicknames, email addresses, Presence and Ubiquiti presence apps, etc etc.

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Ok, thank you!