2.1.0 guest user question

I read in the 2.1.0 firmware update that I have the ability to enable or disable a guest user. What is a guest user and how can I create one? (( It doesn’t appear to be another non-admin user, and I can’t see the option to create one under “Instellingen” - “Familie” which is where I think it should be?? ))

(( I’m happy that the Various is improved again too :slight_smile: ))

(( edit: typo ))

It has been added to the Homey firmware, and will be available in one of the Mobile App updates :soon:

Its important that these features get added to the Homey before the APP so that it is available when the app update rolls out and doesnt cause exceptions.

Make sense :slight_smile:


Side question. Do you by any chance know (or at least make an educated guess) as to what a ‘guest user’ is? Is it a ‘execute only’ user, or is it a user that per definition exists temporarily?

This is pure speculation.

But given you can enable/disable it - perhaps its a generic guest user, which can work from the local network?

But I have absolutely no idea, i’m not an alpha tester - and if I was then I would not be allowed to say.

Thanks for your insight

Looks like I was wrong,

role string ("manager" | "user" | "guest")