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Adding users

After I sent an email to a new user, AND acknowledge, the ‘tab’ on the settings page (users) keeps stating >>> waiting for confirmation. It does not change over the last hours or so. I think you need this conformation, if you want to use this person into a flow, e.g. presence flow.

Tried it several times. Even after a full reset of the Homey.

Anyone suggestions?

Does the new user installed the homey app on the phone

Uh, … well. I use for the homey a general email which is in use by my wife and me. We both have the homey app installed.

So your both phones are visible in Homey??

Where should I look?

If I use the ‘telephone’ flow, I see the seperate devices which are connected to the wifi ssid. They do not show up at the ‘presence’ flow.

They are present at the 'My Phones’tab.


Of your flows ofcourse that wont work :stuck_out_tongue:

What won’t work. Could you clarify?

Within the top ‘flow’, only the account name shows up. With the lower ‘flow’, I see all the connected phones as presented in my earlier picture.


Ah now i get it :+1:

Did the user a conformation

maar bij > instellingen > gebruikers; zie ik mijn hoofdaccount als eigenaar, en de andere accounts blijven aangeven ‘Wacht op bevestiging’, ik heb twee account toegevoegd en bij beide blijft het staan …

Beide de reply email geconformeerd.

Wat je kan proberen, is al die extra acounts verwijderen. Homey app ook verwijderen van de telefoons die bij het acount horen. En dan helemaal opnieuw beginnen. Oikde telefoons verwijderen van homey

Acount toevoegen… en dan doen wat er in de mail staat. Homey app instaleren op de bijbehorende telefoon.

Vervelend snap ik, maar is het enigste wat ik kan bedenken. Werkt het nog niet dan een isseu aanmaken op github.

Misschien dat iemand anders hier nog suggesties heeft

Edit sorry for the dutch.

What you can do is delete the new added users, phones and acounts and app and starrt over and then download the app to their Phone.

Otherwise i dont know, but maybe someone else have a idea

Wat is GITHUB?

Time to invest some time on how things handeld by athom and how the furom ect works

Github is used for mention bugs for example