Tuya Wifi Smart Doorbell in Homey


I have an Immax smart wifi doorbell but tuya cloud doesn’t synchronize it. Is there a way to connect the video feed and the intercom to Homey?


Homey doesn’t support any type of streaming.

Hi Robert,

It does… I have camera feeds. And I see other brands’ doorbell. (Eg. https://youtu.be/eWCa_2UvELk?si=RmVK4G9Af6Ku0_7)

I’m wondering if the same is possible w tue anyhow.

Where? The YT video is just showing snapshots, all the audio/video from the camera is captured directly from it.

I see what you Mean Robert. It is just a snapshot and not the stream, right?

So basically no way to use a smart door bell…


There are plenty of non-streaming-related things that you can do with smart doorbells: turn on the lights when someone approaches the front door, send a notification with snapshot to your mobile phone, show a “visitor” notification on a Lametric clock, etc.

It all depends on which features a doorbell presents to Homey, though.