Turn TV on/off with chromecast

I have a simple question, i’ve two smart tv’s from 2013 and 2014. But i’ve bought a chromecast to be able to watch tv on one of the tv’s. I came to the conclusion that it is possible to turn on/off that tv with my Google Home. I have just to say, okay google, turn on/off tv. The chromecast will turn on/off my tv. It’s an older sony smart tv without android, the current app for that works not with homey version 2 to eventually turn off my tv and I don’t know at all if that app can turn on my sony TV (I’ve never used that app before). As second I have a Philips TV without andoid, I can only turn it off through wifi, but I don’t trust that at all. Turn on isn’t possible at all through Homey. I’m curious if it’s possible to turn on/off my tv’s with a google chromecast V3?

I want to use this ability in a flow when I arm my home (when I leave), that every device will turn off. Chromecast is always connected to my wifi, so I think I can trust that more than my Philips Tv .

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

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My chromecast turns on the tv when it’s in standby but doesn’t turn it off. I have the app https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.philips.jointspace installed for that.

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Bumping this old post as I am facing the same issue.

I have a TV that has a Chromecast but there is no action available in Homey to actually tell it to Shutdown/Turn off! I have the Chromecast app installed on Homey but it only allows you to change volume, change cast media etc…

Someone MUST have done this simple thing before??? Come on community!


Would like the same functionality so another bump… anyone?

Depends on the TV Homey app you use, in my case Samsung Smart TV:


The weird thing is that the ChromeCast can turn off the TV, if we ask a google home device to turn of the TV with chromecast it has no problem doing so, but the chromecast app is not supporting it somehow.

Your work-around is something I did not even think about yet, I was stuck on getting this to work with the chromecast, but I also have a samsung TV (it is an older model), but perhaps this could get the job done as well :slight_smile:

And I’ll bump you as this seems to still be an issue. I don’t want the work arounds, I want to be able to not use google to turn off the projector since the functionality is clearly there. All that is needed is to connect the output from chromecast to the projector with homey. Did anyone find a way to do this without external hardware?