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Wil the chromecast app works also with devices that has androi tv built in?

Hi Guys,

I like to use Homey as an wake up alarm using my light and tv in the bedroom.

So I thought, I buy a chromecast to cast music or youtube content to my tv using Homey to wake me up.

But, as there are android tv devices like the Xiaomi mi box/nvidia shield on the market wich can do a lot more than a chromecast can, it’s maybe a good investment to buy one of these instead of a chromecast. Especially the mi box is only 10 dollars more than a chromecast.

BUT: The question is, is the Homey chromecast app also able to cast to one of these devices? So, does homey see these boxes as native chromecasts as chromecast functionallity is part of android tv? The operationsytem that runs on these boxes? Any one experience with this?

My Philips TV works yes with androidTV.

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I have an Nexus Player (which is Android TV in a separate box) which has Chromecast support build in.
This works with the Chromecast app