Chomecast with Google TV support

Hi everyone.

I just receive my Homey Pro this week. I’m really happy with what it can do, but… the new chromecast Google TV is not supported ? All my nest mini et hub is working but the chromecast does not appear. Is there a solution ?

Because I have a routine with Google Home assistant to turn on the TV and launch an app (netflix, youtube…). Can’t we do the same thing with Homey without a smart TV ?

The first image on their website is “When Netflix starts, dim the lights with 40%.” How can we do the same thing ?

Thanks for your help.

I found that Homey couldn’t find my chromecast because it was wired with an ethernet cable. Now I can see the chromecast but it doesn’t help me more.

Depends on your TV app or “device with netflix” app
With the LG tv app this is possible:

In the app store, you can view all the available flow cards for an app.
Gtv seems not available yet

I have original Chromecasts running on both wired network and wifi, and I have wired Android TV’s. Wired network should not make a difference. As long as the new Chromecast is compatible with older chromecasts it should be supported.

I don’t know how you used it with wired Ethernet, the old dongle for Chromecast can probably not supply h power to the Chromecast device due to more powerful hardware. You also should not power it through you TV set but with the original adapter. I understand there is an official ethernet adapter, that should be fine but isn’t sold where I live.

Eiter way I reccomment you supply the Chromecast device with a fixed IP address.

I understand the new device is more based on android tv than is is on the original Chromecast. Then it most likely has a “Chromecast built in” service. Have you tried downloading updates for all apps to see if this service has an update too? That might help.

You say you can see it now, but that it doesn’t help. What exactly do you mean by that? Where you able to add it as a Chromecast to Homey? You shouldn’t expect more from it than e.g. a Nest Hub.You can cast to it, but it won’t do much more than control the volume of the Chromecast. It will not help you control your actual TV.

Also, Android TV is even more limited than a standard Chromecast where it comes to controlling Netflix. This is not a Homey problem, it is e.g. also not able to start a Netflix show using Google Assistant. I expect Google TV to be equally limited. This is because Android TV does not actually cast Netflix to it the traditional way, but instead opens the Netflix app on the device and casts to that so you’ll have the full on screen Netflix experience. Basically you’re remote controlling the Netflix app itself.

Thanks for your reply.

My chromecast is connected with an ethernet cable through an USB hub plug into a wall outlet. It works great. But Homey only find it when it is connected wirelessly.

I just want to turn on/off the TV. With google assistant there is no problem. I can create a routine where I write “Turn on the tv” and it works well.

Everything is up to date, I tested lot of apps but none can do what I want : “when I press a button then turn on the TV, speakers…” Google Assistant can turn the TV ON but can not be trigered with a button. Homey is the opposite haha ^^ I wish Homey could start a GA routine, it would be perfect.

I have to buy a new TV then… :sweat_smile:

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Assistant probably triggers a HDMI-CEC to turn the TV on, but the Homey chromecast app does not support that afaik.

Probably the slogan dept. happened to have a LG tv and thought any device can do the same thing. And so this slogan was born :grin::sweat_smile:

When you haven’t got a smart tv, you could buy a Broadlink RM mini3 (wifi2IR). It can learn IR signals, and Homey can trigger them so your tv gets the IR signal from the Broadlink unit.
App: Broadlink App voor Homey | Homey

Now I wonder how you switch the tv on with Ggl Assistant :crazy_face: