Best android tv chrome cast integrate compatible homey

I just bought a homey pro that i have not installed yet as i m doing renovations in a new home.

I want to choose a new tv to put on the wall, and ideally i would like to be able to cast music from homey easelly as well as use cromecast to cast from phone sometimes or use native android on tv to watch youtube…

having say this, witch nice tv would you recomand, witch tv has the more compatibility with homey running android and having chromecast.???

One of the actions i would like to be able to perform:

a flow that switch on tv, set a specific hdmi port, switch on an android box (not the tv). start a specific application on the box.
or start tv, launch an android app on the tv for exemple an iptv app

Hi Steeve,

If you are looking for a Smart TV with Chromecast built in, then you should know that most TV brands are notoriously bad in supporting and updating streaming technologies or their CPUs are simply too slow. The TV apps brought out by the broadcasters (like Ziggo in NL) are not working great on all brands of TVs that support Android apps. The TVs are not that smart…

Sony has a good lineup of Android TVs with fast CPUs. The key is your budget. My 3 year old Sony works well and there is even a Homey app for it.

However, a much easier and cheaper way to start is use your old TV and buy a “Chromecast with Google TV (4K)” (GTV) and start from there. When switching on the GTV it will automatically switch on the TV on the right HDMI port (which has the GTV dongle).

With the GTV you get a remote and you can load almost any IPTV app you know.

By the way, I am almost sure that there is no app for GTV on the Homey although there is a basic app for Chromecast audio and Chromecast Ultra that works ok.

The reason for no GTV app on Homey is probably clear: there is no or very limited need.

So the real question is what are your use cases for having Homey in the middle.

  1. Music streaming: Your phone or other device can best be used to send your music to the GTV. That’s the use case for most users. Not Homey.

My use case requires no integration with a TV and is probably not for everybody: I use an app to detect when my Chromecast audio starts playing (ie when it receives an audio stream from a phone or another streaming device) and then turn on the amplifier using a Philips Hue Smart plug. This saves me 100W of amplifier power consumption for each hour it stays off.

  1. Video streaming: Using Homey for video streaming is also not standard.

  2. TV state
    This requires a working Homey app for your brand of TV (Panasonic, Sony, etc). Check the list in the Homey app store and verify how current it is with the comments in the community forum.
    My use case is to never have Homey turn off the TV room lights as long as the TV is on. I also have motion detection in the TV room, but we couch potatoes hardly move when we’re watching TV :slight_smile:

My experience is: first set up your Homey and start playing so you can discover what you really need vs what you think would be a nice to have. Then check for solutions.
Once you define your use case, more people can share their experience.

Here… to switch TV/Amp i’d recommend to look to some remote control :wink:
I by myself using right now Logitech Harmony ( which one is discontinued now by LT). Integrations working well and are quite simple ( as LT uses activities - bundles of config of system and also keeps track the statuses of devices)

Yes, in principles there is possible also to use HDMI-CEC ( generic term/technology for different brands different “magic names” ) for switchings and attempt to guess the statuses of devices - but ( may-be for me only) this leads quite complex and/or “unstable” logic on Homey.

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