New Chromecast with Google TV

Are there people already using the all new Chromecast with Google TV with Homey?

Using it since oct. 15th and it is awesome, especially for this price!
You can cast to it from your phone/tablet of course, but with Android TV and the included remote, there are so much more possibilities…

Curious about your experiences with it and the Homey integrations/flows you use with it.
I use the Kodi app as well as the PipUp app to integrate with Homey. You?

Anyone working on a device-specific app for it?
It can do much more than only casting and the only Android TV apps I see are TV-specific.

Started using it today :smiley:. It’s pretty cool. Wondering what’s possible with this new gadget. Not been able to get pipup working though…

Hmm, since new Chromecast is using Bluetooth is it possible to hookup homey to Chromecast using BLE?

Bumping this as would love to see the new Chromecast supported more fully in Homey.

For example, being able to dim/brighten lights based on play/pause. Very happy to test if anyone out there wants to venture making and app!

you can add it as normal chromecast dongle and cast to it.
What more you want to do with it?

I cannot use eufy stream on the new chromecast how is that possible?

I have the latest Google TV… (HDMI dongle). It loses connection to Homey a lot .

Works 100% with my Home Assistant setup though …

Just read on the Eufy official app thread that Eufy changes something that broke streaming.

A new update has just been published to fix it.

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