Connect chromecast with tv

How can I make a flow to switch the TV on and off and continue to operate via my chrome cast?

Could you tell a bit more about your setup?

Do you have a tv that can be connected to homey? Otherwise you could consider a harmony hub. I use this also saves a clutter of remotes when you order the one with simple remote

I think it depends on the TV. If you own a newer TV the HDMI input of the chromecast could switch the TV on automatically. In my case I let chromecast cast an URL in the then part of a flow which switch the TV on. Maybe you have to configure that the HDMI port input switch on the TV in the settings of the TV before.

Only switching on/off could work, no way for controling your whole tv with chromecast

Ok thks,

Can you help me on the way, howe do a make this work.

Thks Erwin

He joka,

That is great, can you help me with the url / flow?

Thks Erwin

First check out if your TV starts with this flow automatically: