Transitions — Flexible time transitions


Current app version: 2.0.0

Flow cards to start/stop timing transitions.



The following example consists of two flows: the first flow starts a transition (in this case, simply triggered by “Deze flow is gestart/This flow has started”), and the second uses the transition values (through the # Waarde tag) to set the brightness of an INNR lamp.

The transition configuration 0.01-1,11s,1s translates to:

  • start at value 0.01 (for a lot of lamps, a dim value of “0” has a special meaning, so we’re using 0.01 as a “safe” starting value)
  • stop at value 1
  • the total duration of the transition should be 11 seconds
  • update the value every (1) second. This means that the second flow will trigger each second, until the total duration time (and therefore, the end value) has been reached.

The name of this transition is innr-light-brightness.


2.0.0 (2021-03-11):

  • Upgraded to SDKv3

1.0.3 (2018-09-05):

  • Bugfixes and better timing

1.0.1 (2018-08-27):

  • different icon, code cleanups

1.0.0 (2018-08-24):

  • alpha release


The quickest way to contact me is through Slack ( @robertklep ).


Can’t get the app working with the IKEA GU10 Spot, or the IKEA E27 Bulb 1000lm.
The brightness is set to the first value, and then nothing happens.

For example: 0.1-1,60s,6s
Brightness is set to 0.1, then nothing happens after.

See the example :wink:

Thanks for making this App!

Where do you define the transition name (or is it a variable)?

It’s the “name” field in both the Action and Trigger flowcards. You can make up any name you want, as long as it’s unique across all transitions that you want to define.

Is there/will there be a settings page where you can define some transitions which you can then easily pickup in flows?

Thanks @robertklep

At some point I might implement such a feature. I’ve added a feature requests here:

Update, got it working now, needed to use the change card instead of the start card

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You’ve found a blind spot!

How to install this alpha?

Send the developer a message and then he can add u to the alpha

Silly App Store system is preventing me to add new alpha participants because I’m upgrading it to beta :frowning:

Ah well, when it’s beta the blind spot is also gone.

Thank you for clarification.

All credits goes to @robertklep !

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Got a question for users of the app:

Feel free to let me know (as comment on GH, preferably) what you think the best solution would be :slight_smile:

Is it also to go down?
For example: 0.8-0.01,25m,2m?

Yeah, should work too.

Perfect app.
I do use it for creating sunset and Sunrise for my birdcases.
Works like a charme


Hi Canedje. How can i set transition for my speaker? I wanna wake up with music but i dont know how to transition speaker. Thanks for help.