Flow "Setting temperature" of a light with duration

Hello, it would be helpfull, when the flow item “Setting temperature” of a light would also have the duration setting (like the dim item).
Its very usefull to change multi-color-LED-lights between different temperatures slowly.

Example: During daytime a light is turned on with cool color (e.g. 4.000 K with 100% dim level). With the sunset this light should gradually change to warm color (e.g. 2.800 K) within 30 or 60 minutes (maybe also dimming to 50%). So there would be a smooth transition in the house for the evening time.

At the moment the “Setting temperature” item in the flow doesn’t provide that option.

I noticed, the “duration” option is available on Innr FL 120 C LED-Strip but not for Ikea TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm or Ikea TRADFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm

All those lights support differen Kelvin-values

Well, it really depends whether it can be technically supported.
You should contact the specific app developer about it.
Some brands support such feature natively. For others the developers need to clarify if it is feasible to be “emulated” technical wise.

In any case, there are also a few apps which try to circumvent such limitations.
Like this one: Chronograph App für Homey | Homey

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Thanks for that insight, Shakesbeard. So I guess Ikea lamps don’t support that feature.

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This post suggests that it was actively removed from the IKEA app.

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Maybe take a look at this post:

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