IKEA Tradrfi - DIY Wake up Light?

Hi there,

Our mornings are getting darker and it would be nice to be able to gradually increase the brightness on some of my IKEA Tradfri lights (DIY wake up light). I noticed that when they turn off, they already do this gradually -though fast. Is there any way to program Homey to do this, without having to make 100 cards in the flow that each increase the intensity by one percent?

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have you looked at Transitions ?


Looks nice, but how can I connect the Transition to a group of lights?

Use multiple lights in the Action column for the transition, or use a device group to group the lights that you want to control (although I haven’t tested Transitions on device groups yet).

So, first the lights, then the Transition below it? I’m not sure I understand the cards. How does Transition know which light to access?

It’s a two-step process: you have one flow that will trigger when it’s time to start the wake-up routine. That flow will create a new transition that will, say, take 20 minutes to increase a value from 0 (= dark) to 1 (= fully lit).

Next, you have another flow that will take that value from the transition as trigger, and set the brightness of a set of lamps in its action.

For more information, look at this post on the forum. It contains something similar to what you are trying to achieve (although it only uses one lamp).

The README contains some more information on how the “short form” of creating a transition works. It’s not necessary to use it, there’s also another action card where you can fill in each value separately, but the short form is quicker once you understand how it works.