Color temperature settings (Ikea tradfri)

Hello guys,

i have a question related to Color temperature feature for smart bulbs. Actually i have only ikea tradfri bulbs so i speak for them, i don’t know wether the behaviour is the same for others brands too or not.

i’m using homey bridge

Color temperature, as the name itself states, is a temperature usually measured in kelvin. Of homey (with ikea) i can manage it only with a %.
Is there a smart way to manage the kelvin or shall i consider as 0% the lowest possible value and 100% as the highest and then manually interpolate? (the color temperature range could vary a lot for each bulb).

I’m asking this for two reason:

  1. i need to set some lamps toa specific kelving value.
  2. having many bulbs on different color temperature is just terrible and setting everyone to a specific % don’t give the guarantee that the kelvin temperature is the same if the range size is different from bulb to bulb.

Any suggestion would be appreciated