TRÅDFRI color temperature probems

I’m using TRÅDFRI spots of which the color temperature can be changed. I’m controlling these via the gateway app.
Now recently there has been an update of the firmware of the spots as well as en update of the App.
Since then I have the following problem:
If a new value of the color temperature is sent while the spot is off and after that the spot is switched on then the color temperature of the spot is not according to the latest sent value.
If then (while the spot is on) the color temperature value is sent again also the the color temperature of the spot does not change to the wanted value.
If then a different color temperature value is sent, it does seem to have effect.

My theory is that, although the spot is switched of, it still stores the received color temperature value internally but doesn’t act upon it.
Then when switched on the same value is sent again, it sees no difference with the already internally stored value and thus also does not act upon it…
Could this make sense?
Is anybody else experiencing similar issues?

It appears that even the IKEA Home Smart App is fooled. :grinning:

The following situation occurs.
With Homey:

  1. Switch on the Tradfri Spot
  2. Set the color temperature to 0% (cool white)
  3. Switch of the Tradfri Spot
  4. Set the color temperature to 100% (warm yellowish)
  5. Switch on the Tradfri Spot

Now the Spot is not shining warm yellowish light but cool white.
Then I check with the IKEA Home Smart App and it seems that even in that app the Tradfri spot shows warm yellowish color temperature, although the actual light coming from the spot is still cool white.

So it seems to be an issue in the Tradfri Spots or the Tradfris gateway I guess