Duration to color temperature is gone. [Beginner]


I’m a new user and started a couple of weeks ago with flows that would let me specify the duration over which a color temperature would change. The main goal is to emulate a wake-up light in the bedroom where over 20 minutes time that light output is gradually increased, and the temperature goes from warm to cool. Since the update to Homey 5.0, the following issues have occurred:

  1. In the advanced settings of a Trådfri device, the option to set default fade times is now missing.
  2. In the flowcard, the option to set a duration of color temperature change is now missing.
  3. The Trådfri RGB+CCT bulbs have lost color temperature control.

Thanks for taking the time to read my issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


The IKEA app is made by Athom, who (say they) don’t follow this community forum. To make them aware of your issue, try sending them an e-mail (support@athom.com).