Trådfri remote, must wake it up first

I have a lot of IKEA remote controls “Styr” and every time I press them it’s like I have to wake it up first. So first press once then nothing happens then when I press again it reacts. “Styr” is probably the oldest of IKEA’s remote controls, are the newer ones better at this?
Anyone recognize this?

Assuming you mean STYRBAR: it doesn’t seem inherent to the device that this occurs, I have a few of them that I don’t use, but when I tried one (firmware version 1.0.024) it instantly sent a command, without having to wake it up first. But I use zigbee2mqtt, not Homey’s Zigbee.

I don’t think it’s called Styrbar, maybe it’s called Trådfri plain and simple. It’s the first remote they started with:

Is this the same you tried?

I don’t think those have a name, only a model number (E1524 or E1810) :sweat_smile: I use them daily and they work fine with zigbee2mqtt.