Connot connect Ikea Styrbar to Bridge

Hi, I tried to connect an Ikea Stybar remote to the Homey Bridge (press the button 4 times). It does not respond or gets connected. Other Ikea remotes (the round and little square ones) connect just fine.

The Styrbar can be directly connected to a GU10 so the device is fine.

Any hints or tips?

Maybe you should contact the app developer, Athom in this case:

Ikea can be hard to pair, so just keep on trying in the meantime :wink:

I have the same issue with all Ikea Trådfri when I try connect to a Homey Bridge

Hi @albertvanderiet
How did you pair the styrbar with the gu10?
Is that possible without need for the Ikea hub?
Thanks, Peter

I stopped using Homey Bridge for now. Too much issues in the beta fase. I now use the Ikea bridge and/or connect lamps direct to an Ikea remote. The bridge is very cheap but very reliable. And to be honest the Ikea lamps/plugs have more options when in use with the Ikea bridge and/or remotes (like stepless dimming with the remote, firmware updates for lamps and remotes etc).

If you want to connect the Styrbar to the Homey (Bridge), be sure to push the reset button of the Styrbar in quick repetition. If you do it too slow, the Styrbar will not reset and it will not connect to Homey.

Thanks for the quick update, Albert.
How do you pair / connect a remote directly to a tradfri light?

Ikea has some very good YouTube instructions.

The instructions underneath are for a different remote, but they work the same for the Styrbar. Just make sure to press the button quickly, as is shown in the movie.

Steps are:

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Thanks Albert!

Agree here, tried several bulbs to connect to the Homey Pro and ended to buy a Ikea bridge to get it working. Also with a motion sensor from Ikea is impossible to connect as zigbee device or within the ikea tradfri app from homey.
What is the reason that you can’t connect light bilbs directly and they will be identified as unknown zigbee devices which can’t be integrated in flows.

Only the developer of the Ikea app can tell you. In this case it is Athom:

Will connect with the developer, thanks

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