Ikea Styrbar

Hi all just received my new Styrbar. Looks very good in stainless steel and it’s Heavy :slight_smile: When will it be supported in the Ikea App or Deconz.



Any progress on the Styrbar?

It’s working in the beta app

Ah. Great. Tnx!


hellow there, I cannot connect the Styrbar to my homey although it is next to the Homey when in pairing mode. Is this still in progress or in an beta app? Thank you!

I use the normal Ikea App ntmthe beta

Strange does not work for me. Stays searching for the remote although it is in searching mode…
Already tried reset remote and reinstalling the IKEA app also not working for me…

Have you tried to restart your homey ?

I also had the same issue with my Styrbar, but I solved it.

You have to press the sync button fast maybe 4 times in 3 sec rather than 5 sec in the instruction.