Ikea Tradfri Volume Dimmer not functional in Homey Ikea App

Good evening,

Could someone help me with using the Ikea Tradfri App. I have linked an Ikea Symfonisk Volume button directly (successfully) with my Homey via this App. However, how can I use this to control the volume of my sonos or dim a lamp, for example? Does anyone have experience with this or maybe a nice flow? Thank you very much for your response!


The Symfonisk remote control does not work for me and for other users either.

This is also reported in the German language forum.

My suggestion is to contact Athom and report the problem. Maybe the problem will be prioritized higher and the bug will be fixed faster.

Yes it works!!

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Nothing works for me, even the button does not work.
It seems to be a typical Athom phenomenon: For one it works, for the other it doesn’t.