Ikea Symfonisk remote for Sonos

Hi, I bought a remote for my (Symfonisk and) Sonos speakers where I can control volume (+/-) with.
Unfortunately it isn’t included in the Homey Ikea Tradfri app, therefore I can’t add it to Homey. I want to use this without the need to buy a Ikea Tradfri Hub…who can help me out, give advice or whatever, so I will be able to use it? Thanks a lot!


wel if its not supported by a app, then its not gonna work i guess.

So advise to make request


I have it myself and it works awesome (with the IKEA bridge ofc) and is a wicked device for that kind of cash.

I have my Symfonisk speaker paired to original Sonos ones. When I use Homey to control 1 Sonos speaker, the other ones follow nicely including the Symfonisk.
Only works for paired speakers of course.
Edit: Now I think of it, I only use Homey to turn them on and off in flows. I only assume + and - would also work, Will test it tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I have several Sonos speakers in my home and bought just 2 Symfonisks for the bedroom.
But it is all about the Symfonisk remote which has been released 3 weeks ago. I have my Sonos and Symfonisk speakers visible in my Homey dash, but I would like to be able to take care of volume (+/-). Via y Homey of course, and in that way via this piece of hardware also, to prevent the need to buy an Ikea hub, which I don’t want of course (because I have my friend, Homey Pro).

I already requested to add this device in the Homey Ikea app via the link @RoyWissenburg send me, so I guess I have to wait. No problem to wait, but I would have liked to begin using this remote already…

Thanks for now and of course, feel free to share any (new) thoughts :slight_smile:

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I also send the request to Athom to add this device.

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I also just bought it today and filled a request.

It’s not an ‘easy’ device to integrate…

Supporting the device isn’t so much the problem (it’s pretty basic in Zigbee-terms, but then again, so is Homey’s Zigbee implementation, so I don’t know if it can actually support it), but getting it to pair properly is a bit fiddly (at least with deCONZ).

I didn’t succeed in pairing it correctly with Deconz yet. Did you manage that? @robertklep I hope to use it with Homey via the Deconz way.

I haven’t tried yet, but I have bookmarked this comment for when I do.

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Turns it out it never shows in the Phoscon app, but only in the GUI or in the old web app. It does expose it’s button events, so got it to work with Homey now. :slight_smile:


Could you please explain this solution for me, as a newbie? “Phoscon app”? “GUI/ old web app”? Thanks a lot!

There is no solution: the device isn’t supported by Homey. We were talking about deCONZ, which is an alternative Zigbee controller device. Sorry for the confusion.

What deconz app for homey do you use? I have a russian one but it needs drivers per device

Ah okay Robert, so it was indeed off topic.
Thanks anyway.

I forked the Russian app that you most likely have as well. I adjusted some things and added some drivers like the Aqara Button, adjusted smart plug support and the symfonisk remote. I’m not publicly spreading this fork (yet), because the original author will probably lose donations for his app.

I can’t even seem to find a Russian Deconz app for Homey. You have a link? :slight_smile:

The app is called HomeyCONZ:

They also have a telegram group where they talk about the app.

I know some users here contacted the developer of the app if he’s ok to have his app in the Homey App store, but AFAIK he hasn’t responded yet.

Thanks a bunch!