TMT Chow

Hi All,

I am looking for some help. I am planning to buy a garage door opener, this door is connected to TMT Chow. Now I would like to add this to my Homey but I cannot find out how to do this. Trying to connect it by adding a dives not seems to work. Hopefully someone has an idea how to.

Many Thanks!

Take a look at the appstore if there is a app for. Otherwise there s not much change.

Not really understand it, you want to buy a opener but its alreaddy connected with TMT Chow ?

Can you explane it a bit more

There is no app. There is the IFTTT app but when I want to connect it is 3 months free and then a yearly fee in the TMT chow app.

If there is no homey app, and you dont want to pay for the fee for the TMT and IFTTT. Then you cant i guesss.

By the way IFTTT can also be free, then you have i belive 3 tasks