TKB home Zwave

My only tkb dzwave dimmer works only randomly. It stops working after each homey update. I think it is time to give up and look for a new dimmer. There arent many here in uk. Any suggestions? Or any tips to solve the problem? The dimmer and homey are literally next to each other (2m or less) and it is not working :frowning:

It is possible your device does not work. That I cannot solve or see. But I would first try to solve this problem, before buying a new dimmer. Your device is unknown to me, is it supported by the appmaker and did you read his advice about polling? Next you could check the developers page. Maybe you can heal it that way. You could also try to move your dimmer somewhat away from homey, or homey from your dimmer😛Just to see if you notice a difference. If you have anither dimmer, try to put this device on the same spot. Ofcourse resetting and deleting of the dimmer is often also a solution. Last advice, I never automatically update homey or any app, unless I am certain it works. Last but not least, restart homey every two weeks and restart this specific app daily(automatically). This can solve many problems.

Hi there,

Thanks for this great reply.

I did everything you said above before with no joy except never crossed my mind the device itself maybe faulty :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So that is what I will do next.

How do I turn off homey automatically of every 2 weeks?



I made one myself for every week, but I think this will get you on your way. Suc6