TKB Home dimmer

Could anyone kindly confirm if TKB Home app works with 2.0?

I have a TKB Home dimmer running on app version 2.0.1 (and Homey 2.0). Seems to work well!!

Thank you!

If you have it already installed then it works, you can’t (unfortunately) install it yet on homey v2, still need to fix that, just don’t have the time yet.

Oh dear. Just ordered coupe of them. I will try and cancell :frowning:

I’ve just made the fixes ready for approval by athom that will enable installing on v2 again

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Amazing. Thank you so much. Will order the dimmers again :slight_smile:

Hello again

I am not having much luck with the dimmer. It was working intermittently at best but now it is not
working at all. Is there anything I can do I wonder?



Depends on your distance, and the amount of money in your pocket to “fix” that distance

I am not sure I understand - do you mean distance between the dimmer and homey? All of them are litrely in the 2 meter to each other. Including thr wifi router. But perhaps you mean something else? Thanks.

Hi all,

Which dimmer is meant in this topic?
I am interested in replacing my KAKU smart plug dimmer with a TKB TZ67.

Anyone have any experience with it?
Does it dimm (normal, non-smart of course) filament led bulbs well?

I know it is officially not supported by this device, but my experience is that a lot of devices do well… :slight_smile:
My KAKU smart plug dimmers dimm my filament bulbs well too.