APP TKB Home : new developer needed

Is there someone who want to become the new developer for the TKB Home APP ?
The TKB Home APP is still SDKv2 so it should become SDKv3 to work with the Homey Pro (early 2023)

Are you asking on behalf of the developer?

If it’s any help @Dominique_Vanhessche if, like me, you have a large fleet of TKB devices that are either simple on/off or dimmers then you don’t actually need the TKB app, you can re-add them to your system as ‘Basic Z-Wave Device’ by tapping ‘Homey’ in the add device screen and this way you would be able to carry on using them on Homey Pro 2023 when that turns up.

Note that you will need to have the TKB app either disabled or uninstalled at the point when you’re re-adding a device otherwise the add process appears to be clever enough to realise you have a matching app installed and installs it using the TKB app anyway.

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If this is true, then I am a very satisfied man :smiley:
Thanks for your advice :wink:

Hi Dominique or other homey users, were you able to test this allready or waiting for the new homey pro? I only have 3 devices but would still be a shame if i have to replace them.

You can test this for yourself simply by following the instructions in my post above. No need to wait for the new Pro to arrive, you can switch your tkb devices over to native basic z wave devices now, delete the tkb app and then you don’t need to worry about migration. I have done this myself with > 20 tkb devices over a months ago and had no issues at all.

Confirmative. Works without problems. Re-paired one TZ-67 dimmer switch within a few minutes and some extra minutes to recover some flows it was used in.