E-domotica z-wave

My problem arose after updating to version 5.0.
This morning all my E-Domotica switches stopped working, and the APP disappeared from the apstore.
Can I still link these with homey in another way, or can I throw them away.

I can’t find a whole lot about the app, only a Github repository which shows an SDKv1 app. With firmware v5, SDKv1 apps are not supported anymore.

That’s great shit, 11 of these switches had always worked perfectly, so now can throw them away.
That Github thing is going too far for me

Switches will probably stil work when they are included as general-device, they only need the on/off capability (single switch)

Only that is beyond my head.
How do I do that, you could previously just connect a Z-wave device to Homey, can no longer find that.
Sorry for my english, use google translate

Go to Add Device (+), choose Homey, choose Z-Wave, Install, and then Include the device. (Me to Duch ;))

dank je, ga het proberen, vast bedankt voor jullie hulp

Ja dit werkt, je hebt me een hoop kosten bespaard, bedankt

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