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Fakro z-wave windows?

Hi Guys, anyone had any luck controlling a Fakro zwave window to Homey? I have a Fakro platdakraam DEG P2, which is zwave controlled, I can connect it, but cannot control it.

I installed the Fakro app and connected the roof window, which adds as a generic zwave device successfully, but the window does not respond to the on/off commands.

Any tips?

This means it isn’t supported by the app and will need to be added, 95% of all zwave device need an app that supports that device or it will not work (fully).
So the only thing you can do is contact the developer to ask if he wants to add it.

I see Don van Meel has developed the app probably 4 yrs ago.
Looking at his github he isn’t active anymore.
The app is still sdk1 so it will stop if you upgrade Homey to v5 firmware.
Maybe he or another developer will pickup development, update the app and add your device ?

I’m working with Fakro on a smart home and I have just learned that their own Homey-app is in development. Shouldn’t be too long since it seems Fakro is already testing it. :slight_smile:


Great news. Thanks for the heads-up Martijn!

Thanks for the news Martijn! I’ve just installed two ZWS12 devices in a new house and today got them powered up only to find they aren’t recognised by the app. Do you have any contact detail you can share from Fakro or a mailing list they will update with news on the app? Right now I can open and close the windows with on/off but nothing more than that. Hoping the Fakro app will have more granular control.

It should have! I can’t share any contact details, but I’ll let you know once I find out when the app arrives.

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That’d be great thanks. Hoping for more functionality than just open and closed :blush:

Half open or closed probably :wink:

I have also ordered the screens and shades, so I want it to work too!

Have you seen any progress on the Fakro app yet? I’ve been looking in the Homey apps but nothing has appeared yet. Hoping you might have some news @Martijn_C

Yes, I’ve been in contact last week. The thing is that testing the app (by Athom) takes a long time. They have to get all products delivered, tested, code adjusted, etc. But, it is being tested right now.

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Thanks for the update, that’s great news.

That is great news, really looking forward to controlling my skylight!

Any news of the release of the Fakro app?

It is still being tested. Trust me, they’re hating me for pushing right now, but the process is extremely slow. Some things didn’t work within the app and now it’s back to the developer.

It looks like a V5 app has been released, but only with a limited number of products (ARZ Z-Wave and ZWS-12 motor). I am still hoping for ARF Z-Wave and ZWS-230 motor.

@Frits_KA thats correct. They couldn’t test the other products right now. The plan is to add all products before the summer. Right now they want the first few products to be stable and working.

I hope that ZWS-230 motor will be added soon!

zws-230 motor is working now, works very nice. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please send a screenshot!