Looking for homey app supported electric window opener

Hello All,

I’m looking for an electric window opener which is supported with an app for homey. A product like in the link below:

Anyone suggestions?

There’s an app for Fakro

But I’ve never got it working with my windows or blinds because it needs to be a secondary controller or something I didn’t quite understand

Thanks for the suggestion @K_S

Looking at the Fakro website they do have complete windows with the same type of chain-motor. It seems part of their complete window package, the motor and switches don’t seem available as a separate product.

The new Fakro app (made by Fakro) will be available this or coming week. It has already been submitted to Athom. This will improve things greatly.

You can buy the motor mechanism separately:

Hello @Martijn_C, what will the improvements be?

Everything. :slight_smile: The current app has not been maintained, is having issues and does not support all products.

Ok great! But did you see the pricing? More than 300 euro for a single unit :frowning:
I would need 6-8 units… oops.

Yeah… of course they sell it combined with windows… you pay a premium if you buy it without. But then again: it’s good stuff.

Maybe understandable, but I already have all the windows I need.

Just thinking about an alternative. Buy a few “dumb” 230V chain motors and combine them with a single Fibaro Roller Shutter. That way the motors get smart and I can open/close several windows at the same time.

That’s what I’d hoped, and why I chose to replace 9 windows and 8 blinds, each with “Z-wave capability” in my house with Fakro instead of Velux a couple of years ago. But not only did none of the Z-Wave integration work, their support material is confusing and their support staff very indifferent to anyone who is not a property developer. Their position was completely unrealistic: “all you have to do is make our battery operated remoted control a secondary hub controller for your whole system, and pass the z-wave commands from one to another”. But if you have more than one remote control, what can do>
Apparently they said only one can be a secondary hub?

(BTW they also said I needed one power supply per blind, which is completely unnecessary/expensive).

If the app is truly revolutionary I will give it another go.

Don’t know about the technical stuff, but the Windows that I’ve ordered have one power supply for blind, screen and window motor.

About the remote: as far as I know you can use Homey and the remote together. At least this is what they assured me to be the case. I’ll have to check that when my house is finished. :wink:

Ask the maker of the Tuya app to add this device to the App.


Thanks @JPe4619, I will contact the developer.

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I recently bought two Fakro window openers and had them fitted to existing windows. I’m using the older Fakro app which is commented above hasn’t been supported or developed much. It gives me basic open and close capability only, so I’m looking forward to the new app from Fakro. Great to hear that it’ll be available soon. The Fakro hardware seems to be very good though, and was easy to setup with the Homey App.