Status report for Zwave Device not working properly

I have devices from (wall-switch and dimming) and tkbhome. All of them work fine after including them with Homey. But after a while (around two weeks), they stop reporting their status.

On a normal day, these switches get turned on by a flow a few minutes after sundown and get turned off manually when I go to bed. But when turned off, the devices don’t report back that their status is off to homey. When I delete one of these devices and readd it, it will work normally again for a few days.

The devices are all within 5 meters from Homey, accept for one. That one has never reported it’s status back to homey, but it can be controlled through Homey.

Any solutions?

Try rebooting your Homey periodically.

I used Vera before. It had a ‘reconfigure’ button. I was hoping for a more elegant solution in that direction.

This way it works nice for me