Timeline disable

Hello, I’m new here. I have the Homey Pro 2023. Is it possible to hide the timeline for certain users, as I also want to give the homey app to my housekeeper, but I don’t want her to see when we come and go and other information.

Nope, that’s not possible at this moment.

Thanks for the quick reply :grinning: …this is not good news.
User management is one of the most important functions, isn’t it?

I believe if you have users which you can’t trust, you shall not add them into Homey :wink:
What is your use case ? Maybe there is different solution around.

Maybe you can share what you’d like your HK to be able do with Homey / why HK needs the app?
If you only need to know ‘someone’s present or not’, you can give the HK a Bluetooth beacon f.i.
Or have a key pad near the entrance, so entering the correct PIN by anyone sets the presence to ‘someone’s present’.

In any case, I have confidence in my HK, it’s important to me that she can use the app, turn on lights, open doors, etc. She has to be able to get everywhere.
In order to make the app as simple as possible, it would be great if you could just show or hide part of certain user groups, that’s certainly not so difficult or something unusual that you fit the individual user groups the way you want them to be .

and with my wife, for example, i want to be able to adjust that so that she gets along well with the app… i mean that everyone can be seen individually and not everyone wants to see the same thing.

but everything is fine… otherwise I like the Homey Pro very much… the KNX devices can be expanded a little, then it’s perfect.