Is it possible to hide controls/devices

The list of devices is getting bigger and some of them should not be controlled directly but only via flows. Is it possible to hide some devices to the user/guest so that they won’t be bothered with too much information.

you could just move them in another Zone.

I really need something like this to be happening. I have connected a smart plug to my computer setup to monitor power usage. But if anyone in my household accidently triggers the device icon while scrolling thru the devices list, not only will I lose important work, but also risk damaging my hardware! Just found out that it is impossible to hide a zone.

I think this would not be such a big deal to add to the Homey Software. If we could create a “Locked” zone to put those devices in would be perfect. So if changes were needed to be made to any of the devices in that zone, we would “Unlock” the zone first.

Or maybe some other way of preventing accidently switching devices on or off. That would really be awsome.

Another Idea could be to create a kind of Personal Home Page where we can add the devices that we need to access, and leave out the devices we don’t need to see or acces. So we can switch to the full list of devices, and the ones we acces on a day to day bases.

Anyway, some kind of safety measure would be really welcome.

Doesn’t the smartplug have an advanced setting “always on”? Most brands I use have such an option. It prevents users from turning them off, except for the physical button on the smartplug, that keeps working.

I had the same problem, not only with the computer btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it does. Never had the thought of checking the advanced settings of the plug itself. So, this is a great way to protect it for the time being.

Yet, it still would be awsome to have an other solution. It would be nice if Homey could still switch the plug. When the computer is off, there’s no need for everything else to be in standby. (I know for some devices it’s better to leave them in standby, but a lot of them could be shut off.)