Disable zone for user

Is it possible to disable the zone for the user?
Hide so can’t see …(in “athom homey” app)

One way to go:

  • Change pw of user and keep it to yourself

  • Log off following by removal of the Homey app from users phone

  • @ your phone, log on @ Homey app with this users’ credentials

  • add all wanted / allowed tiles to favorites

  • @ this users’ phone, open https://homeydash.com and logon with this users’ account. Once logged on, it stays logged on, so no no credentials needed when opening that URL (so this user doesn’t need credentials).

  • From within the browser, add link to homescreen.

  • Now this user has a personal dashboard, managed by you, and user has an “app” button to use Homey

  • You might want to run homeydash.com from a local server, check this.
    It can run on Homey with this app.

I might have missed something, but I think this enables user specific rights to specific devices.

admin favorites are visible to users “a”, “b” and “c” … it’s a problem for me :slight_smile:
the “athom homey” app has keys from home… (if only homeydash, some users will not be able to unlock with a smart watch)

The red square needs to be hidden

What do you want to unlock then? If homeydash is on their phone, it doesn’t need unlocking.
Or do you mean unlocking the house? This can be done with Bluetooth beacons.

With Athom web app the things you’d like are just not possible until Athom provides a way to manage all account rights at account level

bluetooth beacon not suitable.

Without the app I will not receive notifications.


With the beacon app one can create a similar flow, with trigger “beacon is within range”.
But I wish you luck with this, I’m out of ideas and you seem to look at “what’s not possible” only.

I have a dachboard.

Many thanks for wanting to help me.

Let this be an idea for developers.
I think it would be helpful to have a technical zone.


Maybe there will be more willing?!

Do you use the https://homeydash.com project or is that something you built your own?
And if you’ve built it your own, do you have it on Github or somewhere else?

I tried many versions from the forum. Which I don’t remember anymore.

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Alright, thanks! I’ll keep researching then :stuck_out_tongue:

Old topic, but I have exact same need, I’d like to hide / disable some zone (or devices) for users. Basically, I want to avoid a user to power off the main home router plug with a simple “click”.

I also explored the “always on” device option, but it also applies to flows (and I need a flow to power cycle the router.

Any advices are welcome.

When you use HomeyDash.com , only the devices that are added to Favorites are shown on your Dashboard.