Possibility to hide devices

It would be great to have the possibilities to hide devices in app and web interface and to have the choice to see or not hiding devices.

For exemple, I have a lot of fibaro z-wave devices which I only use for switches and no devices on them. It would be great to make these devices disappear.

And then to unlink these devices from the general control tiles in the mobile app.


It is not possible to hide devices. Put them in a zone/folder.

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@sebastiencastermans, this category is checked by Athom from time to time, at least that’s my last knowledge (we moderators are not employees of Athom!), but nevertheless you should submit your request officially to Athom as described in this topic.

I guess this is exactly what @sebastiencastermans find out. That’s the reason why he requested this function. This category is exactly for such requests:

Using an additional zone is currently a workaround, but of course it’s a good tip.
If you like Sebastian’s suggestion, please like his post. The more likes, the higher the chance that Athom will implement this request, if technically possible.


Indeed hiding of the devices was requested so many times. At one point in time they said how to unhide hidden or whatever but that’s just absurd. That should be solved with admin user giving permissions to see and control some devices to user XY. Admin always sees all while users depending on what admin gave them.

The new climate handles this really nicely

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Then, I will submit my request officially.

I know too that additional zone is a solution but I don’t like that… Lot of my devices, mainly recognized as lamps appear in the general control tiles and that’s annoying.

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