Is it possible to hide controls/devices

Maybe someone should refine it into a feature request.

Where do you see them or not…
Who is able to manage it and how.
For who are you hiding them.

I’m also waiting for this functionality

I too am very surprised that such functionality doesn’t exist. I’d ask the Athome Team to please add this, as users operating the smart home should not see the same long list of devices that are available to the system administrator. Regardless of the potential mistakes that someone could make, having many extraneous devices makes it confusing for users and then makes them not want to use your software. I can abstract away this complexity using a couple of light switches, but in the backend as someone mentioned, if a couple of switches control 10 different lights in the room with a combination of groups, this is unusable in the mobile app.

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When Mars is terraformed then Homey will release this feature