Lock devices

I have been using Plugwise for many years.
The logg consumption and they can turn/off and on.
Tehay also work in Homey
But some units now stops working…
.So they are beeing replaced with other units.
One thing I miss in Homey is the possibility to lock devices.
That could be done in plugwise.
Is very good for example refrigiator, freezer etc
I want to turn of things like laundry, dryer and waterpump.
But not so easy like you just touching a icon in Homey app.
Maybe a pincode or someting would be nice

Something like

Thanks for pointing out, hadn’t seen it before, great function.

Great, where do I find that ?

In the updated Homey app version 3 after updating homey to firmware 3.0.0
Go to energy, the device, settings ( gear in upper right corner)
Or go to settings advanced there is a value for always on.

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