Passecode and/or hide flows and devices

I am new to Homey pro 2023 but a lot of years with fibaro HC3. I’m considering switching to Homey and moving my 100 units. Homey works further ahead on more protocols, zigbee, wifi, matter and I can get rid of Hue HUB, Aqara HUB… But I’m surprised you can’t hide devices or put passecode on a flow. I have a tablet in the house for control and here it will then be possible for a thief to turn off the alarm by clicking on flow. Is that really your experience too?

Homey ia not an alarm system,
If you need a real alarm, connect Homey to a real alarm

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Protect your tablet with a code, then your problem is solved.
Furthermore, I don’t think that a burglar will go to your tablet and look for a flow to switch off the burglar alarm system.
And if you have chosen a good type of monitoring (perimeter monitoring) then the alarm will go off when the burglar is still outside the door/window. If you have room monitoring, then I would change this anyway…

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Hi Michael,
Both features, to hide devices and the alarm system with PIN code, are Fibaro HC build-in features.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to hide devices, but this is a frequently requested function. Contact Athom support and submit a feature request. The more users make a request, the greater is the chance that it will be added at some point, if technically possible.

As @Dijker already mentioned, Homey, and also the Fibaro HC3, are no real alarm systems.
But you can use the Heimdall App in combination with the Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen (Ring Security App is needed). The Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen is a Z-Wave device and the Alarm Base Station isn’t needed.

For further information, please visit the App forum topics:

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Thanks, i got a keypad and Heimdall