Tibber price level problems

I am struggling with the way Tibber is calculating the price level.
Where the price level Expensive and Very-expensive is set by the trailing price for the last three days.
When using price levels in flows/logic, it can result in it being locked for longer periods on expensive, even though the price is “normal”.
This makes using price levels pretty useless for smart homey flows in my opinion.
It would be great if it could follow the chart in the tibber app.
Green = Normal → very cheap
Yellow = Expensive → very expensive.

Another solution would be to add a couple of flow cards to the app.
“If price is today’s green”
“If price is today’s yellow”
(Or something like that)

Using % over the average is not consistent, and would vary allot depending on the price variations during the day…

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them: :slight_smile: