Tibber price level problems

I am struggling with the way Tibber is calculating the price level.
Where the price level Expensive and Very-expensive is set by the trailing price for the last three days.
When using price levels in flows/logic, it can result in it being locked for longer periods on expensive, even though the price is “normal”.
This makes using price levels pretty useless for smart homey flows in my opinion.
It would be great if it could follow the chart in the tibber app.
Green = Normal → very cheap
Yellow = Expensive → very expensive.

Another solution would be to add a couple of flow cards to the app.
“If price is today’s green”
“If price is today’s yellow”
(Or something like that)

Using % over the average is not consistent, and would vary allot depending on the price variations during the day…

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them: :slight_smile:


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Hi! Have you solved this issue somehow? Has there been any change?

Agreed. It’s pretty much useless.
Now I have had “VERY_EXPENSIVE” for a few hours. The price is 0.05,- NOK, and average has been 0.02-0.03,-.

So yes, it’s at its peak, but it’s damn cheap.

No, the problem continues.

The homey app does not follow the prising collors in the Tibber app.
I had to stop using this flow card, and made my own using average… this is not optimal thoug…

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Thank you for your reply :smiley:

Could you post screens or sort of recipe for how you solved it using average?

I use the following… but please note, this is not the a perfect solution.
For hitgh price mode

For normal price mode.

I then set flow based on power price high “yes” or “no”

Hope this is of some help :slight_smile:

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Hey, to be honest I’m completely new in this, but regarding to your green, orange and red showings in the Tibber app it seems that green is below days average some % and orange around days average as red is a higher% above average day price. :grimacing::thinking:

I tried to do the exact same thing like the thread starter. Setting it the way like above works on days where the price goes up and down greatly. Like orange during “cooking hours” and green in between.

But during very expensive periods, the price tends to form a “top” during the whole day. See screenshot. With above settings your heaters or VVB would be off from 8am to 9pm. So no heat the whole time you are awake.

I have not found another solution yet, very frustrating.

I have a semi-related question/problem. I would like to create a flow to increase temperature of radiators the 1 hour before the price goes up drastically.
Many days you have two “peaks” where the price first is low, then goes up plus 50% in one or two hours - I want my radiators to go 5 degrees hotter 1 hour BEFORE THE PEAK ARRIVES (and then turn off the radiators until the price comes down after the peak). Can’t seem to figure out how to catch that scenario using the options in the timber app for homey at the moment.
Has any of you any ideas on this one?

Or, I guess, if I could request the price from X hours in the future. Then I could compare that with current price and set a variable based on how much it changes.

Anyone knows if I can do that?

You can use Power By The Hour to add Tibber as your Day Ahead Pricing, and use the many PBTH flowcards to do complex stuff.