Tibber pulse flow

Anyone have any tibber pulse flows to share? Would appreciate some input in this matter.


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I am also looking for input on Tibber Puls flows. Currently I have the hot water tank off when the price is more than 7.5 % above daily average.

I would like to have this a little bit smarter, so it won’t be turned off for too many hours in a row. Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

Using these two, activated on a fixed spotprice.

Have a Brand new 300l tank, so can turn off power 8 hrs during day, basicly from 08-16 when power is most expensive.

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This one for protection regarding main breaker, it breaks off on about 10600 watts, so Homey turns off units at 9500 watt, and preventing main breaker going off.

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Thanks for sharing your flows, @Tangodelta.

I guess I could implement the same as you, on a fixed spot price, but I was looking for a “smarter” logic considering average price and avoiding keeping the units off for too many hours at a time.

My heater is from the 1960s, so I can not have it off 8 hours. Should probably replace it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi All,

Are in a position where I like to use the advantage of Tibber to control a few consumers.

First of all the app is in place but no Tibber conditions can be found, if understand it correctly it will only work if I have pulse or watty?

Is that correc? can’t understand why majority of the specified conditions that can be used requires that hardware?


Hi all!

I am trying out this flow now: https://homey.app/f/m4xeMo

I suspect it will work fine when the price is going up, but less fine when price is going down.
Living with my family I need the hot water all around the day… Anyone having a suggestion on how to include “smartness” when price is going down?

Best regards Arnfinn