Flow not working. Can anyone see what’s wrong?

I have tried to make a flow to heat up the pool on the 4 hours with lowest price every day. Today the 4 cheapest hours are 02, 03, 04 and 14. However, nothing happened between 02 and 05 today. Can anyone see what’s wrong with my flow?

Norwegian screenshots, but basically:
When current price is among todays 4 lowest
Then turn on
Else turn off

Pls share the Flow with the Share a Flow option to also show the trigger.

Do you live in the north of Norway? (Cheap electricity?)
Where I live, the hours you mention were not the 4 cheapest for today.

Try this instead to see if it makes a difference

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Thanks! Of course, I should have included price change as trigger. Seems to work now! :slight_smile: