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Can not find the price tag in Tibber app

I want to have a flow that is triggered by price high/low but can not find this price tag in the Tibbers list. The app is up to date. Any suggestions?

You’re probably looking at the triggers for Pulse instead of those for the home (price is a property of the home).

Now price as a number is as mentioned under Pulse…but has anyone found or somehow utilised the price level? Its in the data, It shows up on the Unit icon, but Im not able to find it as a trigger or any where else for that matter.
From the Tibber text:
You can use price level to make smart decisions based on the electricity price. These are local to the current day and include:
Please note that these are relative bands where VERY_EXPENSIVE can apply for several individual hours or continuous time slots for example.

You can use those by looking at the level, here’s an example.

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Thanks alot! My problem is that I cant find the price changed. Am I missing something?


No probs. You’re looking at the device for
Pulse, there should be a similar one for your home (if not, just add it like any device).

It’s the home one here.

Oh! Now I see :slight_smile: Thanks!

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It worked perfectly! Thanks

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