Tibber flow

I am trying to figure out the Tibber flow cards.
Can someone please tell my whats wrong with this flow. I want to find out the 2 lowest prices for day and for night (07:00-19:00 and for 19:00-07:00)

In the test, I get messages a few times each day, but not when the price is supposed to be lowest.

Try to change to “price changed”?

Where should I use “price changed”?
I still need to pickup the 2 cheapest prices for day and night.

Hi @Par_Ostberg,
as @Olex said: use When… (tibber) Price changed instead of When… Every 1 hour
if you use the card every 1 hour, the price change might be sometimes a few seconds after the hour event and then you will miss the new price.
So the correct trigger is (tibber)Price changed as When… card.