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Thinking of moving to Homey: Can I migrate all this setup?

Hi pals!

I’ve been using Home Assistant for almost 2 years. But I think it’s time to move on and get something easier and more stable. I’m sick of having to code every time I need an easy automation.

I just wanted to know whether I can do all of this with Homey:

  • Control Xiaomi devices. It looks like there is a couple of plugins that will let me control most sensors, Mi Flora and lights. What about Xiaomi Vacuum and Xiaomi Air Purifier?

  • Control my TV and other IR/RF devices. I guess this one is pretty straight forward. I’m using Broadlink RM Pro for that right now, but I guess this is a built-in feature in Homey.

  • Control devices from Google Home. Right now I cant turn on/off almost everything on my setup. Also, I can query Xiaomi sensors for info. As an example, I can ask “what’s the living room temperature” and Google Home queries the Xiaomi temperature sensor through Home Assistant. Would I be able to do that too?

  • Telegram notification based on Xiaomi sensors or Mi Flora, as an example.

  • And by any chance… can Homey send history data to Google BigQuery? If not, does Homey provide a dashboard to check devices/automation/sensor history?

Thanks a million!

  • Control Xiaomi device - The app your looking for is this one, you can see supported devices upon the page. https://apps.athom.com/app/com.xiaomi-miio
  • Control my TV and other IR/RF devices . - I use Homey Directly and a RMPro through Homey https://apps.athom.com/app/com.broadlink
  • Control devices from Google Home . - There is an app, however I believe some people have been have been having issues with it. (Search the forums).
  • Telegram notification based on Xiaomi sensors - Yes


To find out whats supported check out :


Or directly on the app store.

Thanks, Jamie.

I had already checked out what’s supported. But still, I can’t find any info on:

  • Can Homey read Xiaomi sensor values?: Air Purifier or the temp sensor give you humidity, temperature, pressure… I’d nee something like: “if temperature is below 23 turn on AC (RF controlled)”.

  • Is there any type of activity history/log?


I don’t have an Xiaomi Air purifier (which uses the home app) so someone else will have to answer you on that. But the Zigbee app (for sensors) does support all sensor values that it can.

Using those values you can very easily add a flow to turn on an AC if temp is below 23, you can read more about that here :


Yes there is an extensive history log, you can read more about it here :


Checkout the website and have a look around.

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Great info. Thanks!

I also purchased one and will also be moving from HASS to homey over the next few weeks. I believe most of what you need will work. Looking at the driver for the air purifier this is what it supports:


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Thanks. Great info! I think I could control all I need for the air purifier.